Taliah on Ball Night…

Ball night is always one of the most, if not the most, exciting event on any final year student’s school bucket list. It is a celebration of the culmination of achieving so many things throughout a lifetime of schooling. It is without doubt the highlight of the social calendar for the year, often with months of planning which all comes together on the night.

For this young lady, every little detail was taken in to consideration. Taliah’s dressed was designed and created by the marvellous Ervan Woo. Based in New South Wales, Ervan designed this custom gown exclusively for Taliah. No expense was spared on this gown that was hand beaded with swarovski crystals, and the gorgeous jewellery that was gifted to Taliah by her designer was an elegant match. Thank you also to Frangipani Floral who put together with her corsage and Kieran’s buttonhole.

It was my absolute pleasure to capture these gorgeous images of this stunning young lady. It’s moments like these in our children’s lives that should really not be missed on camera. Ball night is a once in a lifetime event, and these memories can now be kept and cherished forever.

I have known Taliah for more than 5 years and I have been honoured to witness her blossom into a delightful young lady. Thank you Taliah – the pleasure was all mine.

With love, Renae. xxx.



jackie & nick – wedding



That’s the first word that springs to mind when I reflect on the day that saw these two love birds tie the knot, just a tad over four weeks ago.

It is always such a great pleasure to witness the magic between a couple on their wedding day as a guest, but I always feel all the more honoured when I am asked to capture it as their photographer.

From the moment I first discussed her wedding day at our casual chat over coffee months ago, I knew Jackie had a clear vision of what her dream day would entail. Elegance, class and detail, in a relaxed, fun and intimate celebration of her and Nick’s love.

Jackie and her beautiful bridesmaids spent the morning at her home, and I was present to see her fairy tale unfold. Her gown was exquisite, her hair and makeup perfect, and her head piece the ‘something old’ which was in fact her mothers’ head piece from many years ago.

And she was stunning, absolutely stunning.

I especially enjoyed witnessing the satisfaction she showed as the vision of her bridesmaids outfits came together, with the girls’ head piece tying it all together.

On the way to Ironwood Winery, which was their dream destination for their ‘first look’, I stopped in to grab a few images of the boys, and some of their antics…

On arrival, the boys made their way down to the jetty (hanging off the sides off my landcruiser!) to await the bride. Once Jackie had arrived, Nick waited with much anticipation and excitement on the end of the jetty.

This was my first ever ‘first look’ capture moment, all of my other wedding parties have followed the traditional wedding day schedule and had their portrait photo’s following their ceremony. I have to say, I had a lump in my throat myself as Jackie walked out behind Nick on the jetty and approached her groom to be. The pride in Nick’s face when he turned to see Jackie for the first time sent tingles down my spine.

We spent the next few hours enjoying the glorious stormy day, capturing fun and joyful memories of the bride and grrom with their bridal party on the jetty. And yes, I am very happy that we managed to gently coerce Jackie into the rustic dinghy on the lake for some of her breathtaking images. A huge thank you to the wonderful bridal party, you were so much fun and truly added to enjoyment of the afternoon.

Their wedding ceremony was held later in the afternoon at Lime Burners Grove. It was a lovely ceremony that included the union of Jackie and Nick, and their beautiful new family including Lucca and Giselle. Their family and friends then stayed at the venue where they celebrated in style until what I hear was well into the early hours of the next morning!

I wish the two of you every happiness in your new adventures as Mr and Mrs.

Much love. xxx.

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sneaky peak – jackie & nick {wedding}


Two weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing Jackie and Nick tie the knot. Here is the first sneaky peak of the magic they shared on their wedding day. It is so incredibly difficult to choose just one image from their day as a teaser, but here is one of my favs.

Yes, I understand that many of you are itching to see more images, including details of her elegant dress, rest assured the full blog post is not too far away.

Enjoy and love,

Renae. xxx.

sneaky peak117a

Letisha, Dave and Liam…



A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of capturing these beautiful images of Letisha’s second pregnancy. Little handsome Liam was full of energy and excitement and certainly kept me on my toes jogging around after him! It’s evident that Liam loves the beach, and his excitement to have the water and sand beneath his feet showed. Full of life and free spirited, Liam frolicked on the sand and rocks, never for a moment was he still until…

it was time for me to photography Letisha and Dave and her gorgeous belly bump. Then, Liam decided he did not want to miss out! And so, he squeezed his way (literally) into many photos, crawled between Dave and Letisha’s legs, and photo ‘bombed’ many photos! I would not have had in any other way. His cheekiness, zest and love of life shows in these images. Capturing the ‘real’ is what I am about, and I absolutely loved every minute of this shoot.

Cant wait to photograph your new addition guys… oooohhh… and have a cuddle…


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the osbornes…

logowhiteI’m sure many of you recognise this lovely lady.

There are those people in the community that make a difference, that genuinely care about your wellbeing and that of your family. She is definitely one of those special people. For many of us, Nola is our children’s swimming teacher. Her approach with the children is enthusiastic, extroverted, caring, vibrant, and friendly.

But as well as this public face she has, there is another side to Nola, a mother, a nuturer and provider. One of the things I love most about my job, is spending time with people in a ‘real’ sense, capturing the unique relationships and connections that exist within their own family members. Recently, I had the pleasure of spending an afteroon with her and her gorgeous family, to capture these wonderful memories for them.

Hope you enjoy. xxx.

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courtney & clinton – wedding …

logowhiteWelcome to the blog post from Courtney and Clinton’s wedding.

Its all the little things about a wedding that make each unique. The big decisions and the little incidentals. And this wedding was no exception. Everything comes together perfectly and creates the couples own magic for their big day.

Courtney and Clinton’s ceremony was held at St Benedict’s Catholic Church, Ardross. There was not a dry eye in the house as Courtney entered the church on her parent’s arms, singing “Look at Me” to her groom waiting proudly at the alter. A special touch.

A special mention must also be made of the gorgeous little people that were involved in this very special day. A big thank you to Xavier, Isabelle and Abigeal, you did a great job, not to mention you were naturals with the camera!

After the ceremony, much fun was shared at several locations with the bridal party. Thank you so much to all of you who made our portraits so relaxed, informal and enjoyable.

The location and ambience of Oakover Winery in the Swan Valley spoiled the guests as they continued to celebrate this union of this newly joined couple.

I must also make a special mention to a very close friend of mine, Meleah Farrell who assisted me during this wedding. As always, it was awesome to have you by my side, I can’t thank you enough for your generosity and support, and of course, the lend of your expert eye.

To Courtney and Clinton, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together.


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